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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 14, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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drawbridge 911. >> bring the bring down now. i don't know how much longer she's going to be able to hold on. >> what we've learned about the woman hanging on for dear life. then, bob costas controversy. >> ask yourself what the equivalent would be if directed to an african-american. plus, chaos on the streets. weaving in and out of traffic, they almost get hit by a passing bus, defying cops. and the sensational new
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johnny carson book by his best friend, johnny's hair trigger temper, boozing, womanizing, he even tried to steal his girlfriend. >> he saw her as a very attractive girl that he would like to get to know better. >> the secret life of johnny carson. then, can you believe this super hot fashion model was born a boy? and tom hanks playing chop sticks again. now, "inside edition," with deborah norville. hello, everybody. and thank you for joining us. as we broadcast today from detroit, it was a terrifying scene as a woman found herself dangling from a drawbridge, now the 911 calls have been released and they capture just how scary things were. >> hanging on the edge of the bridge. >> the bridge is fully up now. >> i understand that. they are hanging on the bridge.
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>> you're listening to the just- released 911 calls from the shocking incident at a drawbridge in fort lauderdale, florida. >> bring the bridge down now! i don't know how much longer she's going to be able to hold on. >> the woman was crossing the drawbridge when it started going up leaving her hanging on for dear life. >> oh my god, she's stuck up there. >> bystanders called 911, and shared these pictures of the drama on social media. some say the woman reminded them of jesus on the cross. today everyone is asking how could this have happened? this is the scene today. usually the drawbridge is in the up position when a train comes, it's lowered. pedestrians are not permitted on the bridge, there are clear no trespassing signs. one report said the 55-year-old woman who just completed a breast cancer walk was on the bridge taking pictures when it started to lift, and she tried to get off but didn't make it. and there was nobody there to stop it.
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the drawbridge is operated remotely from 400 miles away in tallahassee. drawbridge mishaps occurred before. this motorist was caught at a terrifying 45-degree angle when a drawbridge in oregon opened. luckily her brakes held and when the bridge came down she drove away. this slid down as a drawbridge opened in holland and this motorist was left dangling in belgium. the florida woman held on for 20 minutes until firefighters got there with a ladder and helped her down. she was cheered by the crowd as she walked away unhurt, but we're pretty sure she will steer clear of draw bridges from now on. authorities are considering charging the woman with trespassing because they say she ignored the signs to stay off the bridge. emotions are raw over the motorcycle gang that swarmed a family in a luxury suv and now
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there is a new threat on the road, hordes of skateboarders causing chaos. >> chaos in the streets as more than a thousand skateboarders race to the heart of new york city at break-neck speeds. watch as they take hair-raising risks, we'ven in and out of traffic, even in the crossroads of the world, times square. here is how it looks from a helmet cam worn by one of the skateboarders. the skateboarders gathered on the upper west side chanting the name of the annual illegal skateboard race. broadway bomb. cops were concerned the race could trigger another serious road rage incident like the notorious confrontation between bikers and a family in an suv. police were taking no chances. they threw a net across the great white way, broadway, and a helicopter tracked the skateboarders from the sky.
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there were 35 arrests, and many more citations as skateboarders tried to beat the barrier. there was anger some were singled out for arrest, while others were allowed to skate on. despite the crackdown hundreds of skateboarders managed to get through, causing chaos along an 8-mile stretch of broadway. fortunately, there was no violence like the horror that we saw two weeks ago. authorities say in the last two weeks two skateboarders were fatally struck while riding in new york city. it was big news recently when the cast was announced for the movie version of 50 shades of gray, maybe the hunky actor finally read the script because the guy who had the lead is now dropping out amid reports he got cold feet about taking on that racy role. >> it's the kind of superstar- making role every young actor
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dreams up but he's said to have gotten cold feet. >> the movying is losing its leading man. >> the sons of anarchy actor was set to play christian gray alongside dakota johnson is the movie based on the book. charlie hunnam pulls out. >> he doesn't want to become the next robert patten son, followed by papparazzi, remembered for only one role. he doesn't want his life to be devoured by this project and he already got a taste of that after the casting. he's afraid this role would swallow up his career. >> the universal pictures is blaming charlie's schedule saying in a statement, the film makers of 50 shades of gray and charlie hunnam agreed to find another male lead giving his tv schedule which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare
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for the role of christian gray. the author of 50 shades tweeted, i wish charlie all the best. 50 shades of gray was supposed to start shooting in six weeks. it's expected to hit the screen next summer. no word on how the casting change is going to affect the production schedule. the chorus is growing louder to compel the nfl team, the washington redskins, to change its name. now even president obama has chimed in. and sportscaster bob costas has also weighed in. he's now calling the team's name an insult. >> it's an insult. a slur. >> sportscaster bob costas is leaping into the national debate over the name of the washington redskins football team. costas believes it's time for a change. >> ask yourself what the equivalent would be if directed toward african-americans, hispanic, asians or any other ethnic group. considered that way, redskins
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can't possibly honor a heritage or a noble character trait nor can it possibly be considered a neutral term. >> the owner of the redskins has said no way to a name change. but there are reports that he may change his mind. adrian peterson took to the field sunday despite the shocking beating death of his 2- year-old son. he learned he was father of the child only three months ago, he met him for the first time thursday, while the boy was on life support. some fans were shocked that peterson would play. new york sports writer wrote, it's sickening, the nfl's late he was mvp hours after his son died allegedly murdered declared he was ready to play football. me, i even think i would take off a day or two from work, maybe a week. some of the online anger was triggered by these heart-
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breaking photos showing the running back with his son. many people assumed this adorable toddler was his son who was murdered, but he is not. that's his son, adrian peterson jr. the running back tried to clear up the misunderstanding, treating my son who lives with me is healthy, the boyfriend of the dead boy's mother is charged with the slaying. on a happier note, it's an iconic movie moment tom hanks performing chopsticks on the giant keyboard in the movie "big." tom is recreating that moment with help from sandra bullock, his current co-star. >> it's tom hanks recreating a scene from a famous movie. ♪[music] force back in 1988, hanks did the chopsticks routine on a giant keyboard in the movie "big." this time around, he showed his musical skills on a british
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talk show while promoting his new movie, captain phillips. number two at the box office this weekend. "gravity" was number one. and look who joined him on the giant keyboard. yep, sandra bullock. ♪[music] >> i'm not doing that last part. >> kris jenner's popularity with viewers appears to be sinking fast. a poll of her likability known as the q score shows her dropping 66%. meanwhile, kris, who recently announced she and husband bruce jenner were living apart, said she's looking forward to hitting the singles scene. she wants to date and she wants to date younger men, a friend tells hollywood life. the couple was spoofed on "saturday night live." >> they are getting divorced. it's sad but i'm ready to start my middle age life as a single
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woman, said bruce. and alec baldwin premiered his new talk show, the guest was the candidate for the mayor of new york. >> my question is what i don't see here is job creation. >> the first reviews are in. and the "new york times" says baldwin seemed more like a school librarian than the fiery tempered actor he's known to be. next, the johnny carson book by his best friend, johnny's hair trigger temper, the boozing, the womanizing, he even tried to steal hills girlfriend. >> he saw her as a very attractive girl that he would like to get to know better. >> the secret life of johnny carson. then, can you believe this super-hot fashion model was
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born a boy? "inside edition," in high definition, will be right back
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we've told you about the new book about johnny carson that claims he was once packing heat when he thought his wife was cheating on him with frank gifford. the parties involved denied that but there are other bombshells. now the author, his former attorney and best friend, sits down with jim moret. >> heeeeere's johnny. >> we're hearing from the author of the tell-all book, johnny carson, that's shocking the nation. >> do you think he was a happy person? >> he would tell you he's not a happy guy. basically, he would tell you that. my personality is basically unhappy. >> henry bushkin was his lawyer and confidante for 18 years, he's known to millions of
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tonight show viewers by this nickname. >> bombastic bushkin. >> he's been in a relationship with his mother ruth, carson's comment, the wicked witch is dead and he refused to attend her funeral. >> his own mom never viewed him as a success. >> it constantly got to him, her lack of emotion towards him, and certainly never giving him the great satisfaction of being the giant star that he became. >> he said carson, married four times, was a notorious womanizer and dated gorgeous actresses like angie dickinson. >> i wish you were flirting. >> when bushkin was dating joyce dewitt, he said carson even tried to hit on her. >> he saw her as a very attractive girl he would like to know better. >> he once told bushkin, i'm a blank, i have three kids with my first life and don't see any
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of them. when his son rick died in a car crash in 1991, viewers saw a rare display of emotion from johnny. >> first of all i want to thank you all who were so very thoughtful and compassionate with your letters. it meant a great deal. >> his executive prouder gave him a sign to wrap because they were running out of time. the new book says johnny became so furious, he banned cordova from the set and never permitted him to return. carson possessed a volcanic temper and drinking problem. >> he had a hair trigger. i added humanity over the years to him that he couldn't really exhibit because of what he got from his mother. >> he was an incredibly complex man, one moment gracious, funny and generous, and curt, aloof
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and hard-hearted the next. bushkin faced carson's wrath when he fired him, he agreed to emcee ronald reagan's festivities. >> he called carson to apologize for several screwups during that weekend, which i was blamed for. that got me off the hook when the president called and told him to give me a break. >> carson retired in 1992 at the height of his popularity. he was rarely seen in public again and bushkin said that didn't surprise him. >> he essentially died alone. which is terribly sad.
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somewhat reminiscent, you might say, of citizen kane. >> now he's telling viewers what the television icon was really like. >> do you miss him? >> sure, i miss times. i miss many times. and i don't miss many times. speaking of late night, arsenio hall's return is a big story of the new television season. now arsenio invites us behind the scenes to how see how the show comes together. >> here's arsenio hall! >> he has been back on the air for barely a month and he's whooping it up louder than ever. >> thank you. >> late night's newest host is rolling with his posse, and "inside edition" is backstage for all the action. of course, arsenio is poking fun at the breakup of bruce and kris jenner. >> kris and bruce were married for 22 years. do you realize that? not many people know this, but
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they were the first lesbian couple ever married in california. >> the jokes continued when arsenio took me on this tour behind the scenes of his popular show. >> i am more comfortable here than i am at home, or at a family reunion in cleveland. >> here is what you don't see when he's doing his monologue. his mark on the stage. >> not only a mark, it's a logo. >> this is the orange room he calls the dog pound. >> that's where the party starts. >> where guests cool their high heels, like tyra banks. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> i forgot how tell you are. >> i'm a giant. >> no one is immune, not even kanye west, the self proclaimed creative genius. >> kanye is an amazing talented musician, if you don't believe it just ask him. >> arsenio said his second go- round on late night is different. he's having fun and hopes everyone comes to his party. >> i'm working harder than i've ever worked before to get
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eyeballs on moi. i'm here because i love doing this. and i hope it all works. >> i do too. >> thank you, buddy. when we come back, this sought after supermodel was actually born a boy. closed captioning sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by-- stay tuned, there's more "inside edition" to come. my budget and i are good,
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she's the female supermodel who was born a boy. >> she's stunning with the perfect bombshell body. her name is carmen carrera, legs to die for, and a figure most women would envy. she's even featured in the pages of the prestigious fashion magazine, w. >> i'd like to push boundaries a little bit but at the of the day for me it's a show. >> carmen was born a boy. yep, she grew up a boy, christopher, in elmwood park, new jersey. >> man, my life would be so much easier if i could wake up
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tomorrow as a girl. i would be jealous of my sister. i grew up like that wishing and wishing. >> she worked hard pretending to act like a boy so she wouldn't get bullied. >> i would say, okay, i have to cut my hair. i have to do it like this. i have to wear these men's clothes. >> when carmen was in her 20s she decided to become a woman. >> i'm in pain. >> she documented the transition on youtube, got breast implants and had fat removed from the stomach and put in the cheeks. >> at least i don't look like a big dude. >> now her dreams of becoming an in-demand model have come true. and coming up, the best pizza delivery ever. closed captioning sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by--
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stay tuned, there's more "inside edition" to come.
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coming up, you've never seen a pizza delivery like this. next. travel consideration provided by --
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stay tuned, there's more "inside edition" to come.
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finally, a pizza delivery you can dance to. >> this prankster ordered a pizza, and he has a surprise for the delivery guy. the pizza guy seems a little confused at first. then he joins in. talk about a special delivery. that's "inside edition" for today. i'm deborah norville. postscript our friends
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>> everything is going well. >> what's the real reason charlie is out and who is next? 50 shades search for


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